The GKL Group's beginning was in January 1975 with the formation of George Keen Lee Equipment Pte Ltd in Singapore. Since that time continuing development has led to the establishment and operation of the following companies known collectively as the GKL Group.

George Keen Lee Equipment Pte Ltd- Singapore                              singaporemovie           
GKL Automotive Engineering Ltd- United Kingdomukmovie 
East Holdings Sdn Bhd- Negara Brunei Darussalam BRU1
GKL Equipment Ltd USA- United States of America usamovie
Trackteck Asia Sdn Bhd- Negara Brunei DarussalamBRU1 

Individual companies operate independantly of each other with policy, strategy and cooperation emanating from a central HQ hub within Singapore's prestigious Science Park II complex.

The GKL Group are a proficient & achievement orientated collective with high degrees of skill and commercial knowledge of the South East Asian region. This is highlighted by a proven forty year continuing track record of success and excellence. 



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